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about me

I'm Vanessa, and I run Origami Party London, as well as being a life coach and mother of two! I've always loved handmade objects and crafting, and origami is now my passion.

my origami story

Over the past 5 years I have taught origami to adults in a diverse range of settings from the Royal Albert Hall to Deloitte's Head Office. I have also run many origami birthday parties and have recently carried out a number of origami workshops at various London schools to teach children about creative mindfulness. As a result, I have learned that the practise of origami allows people to reconnect to their natural capacity to create beauty in a simple and accessible way.


I hope that everyone (young or old) will leave my workshop or party feeling proud of the stunning piece of origami that they have created and, most of all, having had fun.


I am also a member of the British Origami Society.

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